Club (CAP) – The Club of Multipurpose Activities, a student club at ENP Algiers operating under the supervision of the ENP Alumni



The Club d’Activités Polyvalentes is a student club at ENP Alger operating under the supervision of the ENP Alumni.

Founded in 2010 by young engineering students keen on building on leveraging their specialized knowledge and skills to the benefit of social causes, CAP has organized training workshops and events in the world of culture, sports, and charity giving. The main goal of CAP is to enliven the short stay of ENP students at the school by pushing them to do more and contribute to their personal and professional growth.

Today, the CAP, always striving for excellence, organizes more than 15 events annually, with a volunteer staff of other 240, whose common ambitions and dreams have forged strong bonds of trust and solidarity in the club.

CAP has planted many stars shining bright in the sky of elite Algerian universities and graduate schools, such as:

  • Clean day
  • Introduction to different fields of study
  • Inter-Fields Day
  • International Days
  • Public Speaking Contest
  • The Great Debaters
  • Alumni Day
  • Celebra Science
  • GEW
  • WikiStage Algiers

Today, this club is a hotbed of talents, thanks to its leading role in the organization of so many different events and to the vitality of its 85-members-strong science section, whose central goal is to showcase the technical expertise students acquire while at ENP, in such diverse fields as mechanics, robotics, and electronics. The science section of the CAP led many ambitious and innovative projects, such as:

  • Smart thermometer
  • Voice-controlled car
  • Smart lock

But the club also makes an effort to share its passion for science and technology outside of the school. Members of the science section of the CAP, partnering with SYLABS, lead training workshops open to all who are interested in new technologies and wish to acquire new skills.

Upcoming Events

Celebra Science: The third annual Celebra Science will focus on Algeria’s many contributions to science. On this day, we will celebrate, explain, and comment on the current and future role of science in our daily life. The event will be held on April 15, 2017 at Ecole Nationale Polytechnique in celebration of International Knowledge Day.

This year’s event, “The Maghreb and Science,” will focus on popularization and encourage local youth to cultivate a spirit of learning through such activities as lectures followed by open-ended Q&A sessions, theatre plays, games, and scientific experiments.

UnilympicsThis event will be the Olympics of Algerian universities, bringing together athletes from different schools in our country to compete in various disciplines, forge stronger bonds, and push each others towards ever more excellence. This event, organized by CAP and ESHRA (Alger’s premier hospitality school), will take place on April 22 at the ESHRA.

Alumni DayAlumni Day will be the largest reunion of Polytechnique alumnis in Algeria. Former and current students will have an opportunity to talk about their experiences and skills, building ties between old and young generations of Polytechnique students and fostering a community of values, leadership and solidarity centered around the school. Alumni Day will take place on April 29 at ENP.

Polytechnic Entrepreneurship DayThis event will celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation as key factors of growth and economic development. Workshops including CEOs, investors, and different actors of the private sector will be held to teach students entrepreneurship and business skills.

This event showcases the wealth of diverse talents flourishing at ENP, in both traditional and modern fields. Young entrepreneurs will for the first time be able to come into contact with the business world, for an unforgettable encounter that will inspire them and enable them to network and find mentors.

The 2nd annual Polytechnic Entrepreneurship Day will take place on May 6, 7, and 8 at ENP.

Introduction to different fields of study: Every year, new engineering students join ENP without a specific idea of the variety of different fields they will be asked to specialized in. CAP, wishing to keep its students motivated, satisfied and inspired, holds this event with students and professors to introduce the different fields of study available at the school. Lectures, interviews, and show booths will all be part of this unique day for new ENP students. The 5th annual Intro Day will take place on September 9 at ENP.

Robotics Contest: This event is organized by CAP’s scientific section. In a competitive atmosphere, students will be invited to demonstrate their skills in different tech-focused challenges that will require excellence. The first-ever Robotics Contest will be held on October 7 at ENP.

Public Speaking Contest: This event, the first of its kind in Algeria, is a day in which everybody can take a stand for what they care about and showcase their public speaking skills by making a presentation or a speech in front of a large audience. The contest will be organized around 3 phases: pre-selection, semifinals and finals. The latter will be held on October 28 at ENP.


4th Annual Wikistage Algiers: Created in 2012 at the initiative of ESCP Europe and based in Paris, WikiStage is a collaborative, nonprofit project animated by a lively community centered around the core values of curiosity and the thirst for knowledge, as its motto, “Celebrate Curiosity,” indicates.

The event aims at creating a video library of 6-12mn Q&A sessions. Those videos, filmed by WikiStage volunteers during lectures, workshops, or studio interviews are then uploaded on the WikiStage online platform.

The fourth annual WikiStage Algiers will be held on December 1st at the Algiers Opera.


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