Membres du Conseil d’administration

 أعضاء مجلس الإدارة

Members of the Board

Jean-Pierre MIGNARD


Lawyer at the Paris Bar, Doctor in Law from the University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, thesis “Cybercrime and cyberépression, between disorder and global harmonization”, Lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, member of the National Consultative Committee of Ethics.



Engineer graduated from the polytechnic school of Algiers.



Engineer graduated from the polytechnic school of Algiers.


General secretary

Master of Science of LSE and student in Master of Economic Law at the School of Law of Sciences Po Paris.


Deputy General Secretary

Lawyer at the Paris Bar, graduated from ESSEC.

Comité scientifique

أعضاء المجلس العلمي

Scientific committee

Benjamin STORA

Historian, academic, director of the City of Immigration.

Cynthia FLEURY

Psychoanalyst and philosopher, professor of philosophy at the Polytechnic and Mining Schools and member of the National Consultative Committee of Ethics.

Jean-Claude DOUVRY

Former Chief Executive Officer of Sade (a subsidiary of Veolia), a member of Veolia’s Ethics Commission, a polytechnician.

Alexandre LEBKIRI

Engineer, Associate Professor at Paris 13 University, Paris Higher Institute of Electronics, Industrial Property Attorney, European Patent Attorney, Doctor in Microelectronics and Microinformatics.

Jean-Jacques AUGIER

National School of Administration (ENA), polytechnician, inspector of finance, businessman, entrepreneur.

Merouane DEBBAH

Professor at CentraleSupélec, Director of the Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Lab of Huawei Technologies France.


Doctor Es Economics Sciences, founding president of the Cabinet EMERGY International Strategic Consulting, professor at the Institute for the High Studies of National Security.


Essayist and consultant, associate of geography, former student of the École normale supérieure of Fontenay-Saint-Cloud, he published the report  The middle classes faced with the digital transformation – How to anticipate? How to accompany?

Alexandre KATEB

Graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris and Sciences Po Paris, Alexandre Kateb heads the consulting and analysis firm COMPETENCE FINANCE after a career with major financial institutions (Banque de France, BNP Paribas group). He is the author of a book on the major emerging powers: « The new world powers. Why BRICs are changing the world » (Ellipses, 2011). He devotes to the economy of emerging countries a teaching at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris.

Nicole GUEDJ

Former secretary of state, former state councillor, lawyer .