Qu’est-ce que JISR ?

التعريف بالمختبر

What is JISR ?

JISR France Djazaïr, New Technologies جسر فرنسا الجزائرالتكنولوجيات الجديدة, the “bridge”, is a laboratory of ideas whose purpose is to develop synergies between engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and lawyers, in the field of new technologies between France and Europe. Algeria and to promote its application.

JISR’s mission is to:

  1. Contribute to the implementation of innovation pools between the two countries
  2. To foster partnerships for the digital and energy transition at the heart of the development of the two countries
  3. Evaluate training needs in order to promote research and the protection of innovation
  4. Propose recommendations to the public authorities of each country or, at their request, prepare reports and studies at their destination
  5. Organize training and study sessions for companies and public institutions, in connection with universities or grandes écoles
  6. Respond to national or international, private or public tenders in specific fields within the limits of its purpose and the framework of legislation in force

The word of the president

” Algeria and France share a story of happiness and drama. An intimacy that can never be broken.

Human, economic and social opportunities based on the sharing of knowledge, basic or applied research, a common investigation of the law and ethics associated with them, offer researchers, entrepreneurs, start-up creators and students whether Algerian or French, whether in France or in Algeria, but in any case together, new and gigantic prospects. This new generation is linked by geography, language, culture, tastes and often family ties. This generation is growing, living and working in the world of new technologies. The time has come to build a bridge over the Mediterranean, between France and Algeria. That’s why JISR France Djazaïr.

At the time of the digital and energy transition, in the context of global warming, we found it essential to create a Franco-Algerian collaborative platform in the field of high technologies, to address the technological, economic, legal and ethical issues associated with them.

The activity of this laboratory of ideas, cooperation and wealth will be guided by the principle of equitable sharing between Algeria and France. “

Jean-Pierre MIGNARD, President of JISR, Lawyer at the Paris Bar