Qu’est-ce que JISR – التعريف بالمختبر – What is JISR

JISR France Djazaïr, New Technologies جسر  فرنسا الجزائرالتكنولوجيات الجديدة, the « bridge », is a Franco-Algerian think tank bringing together engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and legal professionals on both sides of the Mediterranean to foster collaboration between our two countries in the field of new technologies.

JISR’s mission is to:

  1. Help create technology clusters in France and Algeria
  2. To foster partnerships to bring about the transition towards a digital and sustainable economy in our two countries
  3. To assess training needs to promote research and innovation
  4. To make policy recommendations to the governments of both countries, draft proposals, or prepare white papers upon their request
  5. To organize workshops & seminars for companies and public entities, with the help of French or Algerian universities and grandes écoles.
  6. To bid on international or national tenders, public or private, in specific fields pertaining to our purpose and in compliance with existing norms and regulations.



A word from the Chairman

“The history of our two countries is one of great joys and great sorrows, but also one of bonds of friendship that shall never be broken.

Sharing our perspectives and knowledge on such essential questions as basic and applied research, law, ethics, and philosophy will open up vast new reservoirs of opportunities for French and Algerian scholars, business leaders, students, lawyers, and entrepreneurs, whether they be on the southern or northern shore of the Mediterranean. The youth of our two countries grow up in times of dizzying change; they will live and work in a world shaped by ever-newer technologies. The time has come for a bridge over our sea to bring together the best in France and Algeria; the time has come for JISR France Djazaïr, New Technologies.

At this trying hour, as global warming threatens and our economies and societies must face a complex transition towards digital and sustainable futures, we thought it essential to create a collaborative platform for French and Algerians alike to share their ideas on new technologies and their solutions to the challenges of engineering, business, ethics and law that are inextricably bound up with this exciting field.

We must rise together to meet the challenges of global warming and the transition of our economies and societies towards a digital and sustainable future. Because new technologies will be instrumental to achieving that goal, we knew it was essential to create a platform for Franco-Algerian collaboration

The guiding principle of our action will be fairness and sharing, on equal terms, between Algeria and France.”


Jean-Pierre MIGNARD, JISR Chairman, Attorney at the Paris bar